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Maximizing Sales and Growth through Strategic Product Development Management

In today’s competitive landscape, organizations across diverse industries, including software, hardware, industrial manufacturing, and services, recognize the pivotal role of product development managers in driving sales and marketing growth. By leveraging innovative methods and strategic insights, these professionals play a crucial role in steering businesses towards success. Let’s delve into some key methodologies employed by […]

Elevating Your Company’s Success with Expert Product Management

In the dynamic landscape of business, the role of a product manager has become indispensable. Here are five key advantages of hiring a product manager expert and how their expertise can significantly amplify your company’s sales pipeline: 1. Strategic Vision: Seasoned product managers like those at Herman Technologies possess a strategic vision that extends beyond […]

The Enterprise Mindset for Small Businesses: A Comprehensive Approach

In today’s dynamic business landscape, small and mid-size businesses could embrace an Enterprise Mindset to drive growth, streamline productivity, and establish a solid brand presence. This transformative approach encompasses various aspects, including digitalization, decentralized product operations by lean teams and outsourcing growth tasks that are not in the core day-to-day, hybrid teamwork, service development, and […]

What is Product-as-a-Service?

What is Product As A Service (PAAS) Product As A Service (PAAS) is a set of paradigm shifts that are forcing companies to rethink their approach to services businesses, to promote both growth and operational efficiency. The increasing complexity of products and the rapid evolution of technology have made it imperative for organizations to develop […]

CMMC I Defense Complience

Back to blog Win more DoD contracts through achieving the correctCMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification)qualification.As of June 2020, many companies that work with the US DoD will need to meet CMMC requirements to bid on contracts. Companies cyber behaviour based on their controls and practices, will receive a level rating between 1 and 5, which […]

How to protect against COVID-19 emails scams with IRONSCALES

Last week the U.S. Federal Trade Commission reported that approximately $12 million was lost to coronavirus-related scams according to consumer reports reviewed this year. With over 20,000 Cyberattacks per day in April 2020, its is obviously that attackers are taking advantage of the pandemic to lure consumers using various attack vectors including social media, phone […]

Why people struggle to identify visual similarities in phishing websites

Original article posted at IRONSCALES: Phishing websites, also known as spoofed websites, are a very common deception tactic that attackers now rely on to obtain a person’s login credentials to a legitimate website. The operation, commonly known as credential theft is simple: send unsuspecting recipients an email spoofing a trusted brand and persuade them to click on […]

The future of product management

In Late 2015 Nokia acquired Alcatel-Lucent. The two giants behind this $16 billion deal are not citing “synergy from cost reduction” or similar phrases that often accompany large corporate mergers. In this case, improving the speed at which they innovate was cited as the catalyst. Neither brand is really known for innovation these days. That […]