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CMMC I Defense Complience

Win more DoD contracts through achieving the correctCMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification)qualification.As of June 2020, many companies that work with the US DoD will need to meet CMMC requirements to bid on contracts. Companies cyber behaviour based on their controls and practices, will receive a level rating between 1 and 5, which will determine their […]

How to protect against COVID-19 emails scams with IRONSCALES

Last week the U.S. Federal Trade Commission reported that approximately $12 million was lost to coronavirus-related scams according to consumer reports reviewed this year. With over 20,000 Cyberattacks per day in April 2020, its is obviously that attackers are taking advantage of the pandemic to lure consumers using various attack vectors including social media, phone […]

Why people struggle to identify visual similarities in phishing websites

Original article posted at IRONSCALES: Phishing websites, also known as spoofed websites, are a very common deception tactic that attackers now rely on to obtain a person’s login credentials to a legitimate website. The operation, commonly known as credential theft is simple: send unsuspecting recipients an email spoofing a trusted brand and persuade them to click on […]