Paving the Way for Digital Transformation

These days almost every business is actively involved in digital transformation initiatives, That’s why at Herman Technologies we are leveraging a combination of cutting-edge technologies to modernize legacy business operations and implement new technological products as services.

Our focal point in the product timetable focus’s on 3 main stages:

Product Creation: Leading the organizational function within a company for new product development, create the business justification (Go-No-Go), planning, verification, forecasting.

Product Delivery: Managing the key that ensure time accuracy and alignment with deliverable features. Oversee daily activities while providing a continues direction and guidance as needed.

Product Life cycle Management: Our ongoing process of overseen and managing a product from inception, through engineering, architecture and experience design, development, and down to the continues delivery.

With the expansion of new technologies, Cloud computing, hyper connectivity, in-memory computing, and smart sensors (IoT) are all examples of how data is becoming the golden asset for companies. Senior management are in constant demand to proactively shape their firms’ technology road-maps and deliver measured improvements in customer value.

At Herman Technologies we realized that a product manager must take 100% ownership and to think like the product CEO, from taking creative ways in making the product better; to design more contemporary interfaces, or to build new features that will delight the users and increase their engagement. To define the structure and KPI’s for user adoption/retention etc. We simply take full ownership of the product.