At Herman Technologies Our product experience is built on enterprise B2B and SaaS Services that delivers digital transformation, infrastructure and Dev ops automation for organizations internal IT, Sales and productivity operations.

SAAS Projects

APM- Application performance monitoring for open source

A web application (APM) that enables organizations to track applications health, performance, security and to set an organizational standard that unified a group of assets under a single policy.

IAAC- Streamlining the Life Cycle of On-Demand IT Cloud Resources

A Cloud based automation and life cycle management system that deploy virtual environments, containers and serverless appliactions at scale. Cloud based resources orchastration enabled cyber security vendors, academic institutes and army intelligence units to rapidly provision and deploy a clusters of virtual machines in a self service web application that provides a unified R&D, POC, and Testings scenarios, All while monitoring the cloud consumption costs and manages the users privileges and access roles.

Open Innovaiton- Product Innovation and ideatoin system

Delivers an organizational workflow for design, collect, analyze and plan new products and services. The platform standardize the ideation process by providing modules that aggregates and summarizing the most promising innovation processes.

AI Driven- Intelegence Into Sales system

Enables reporting mechanism for digital agencies and marketing professionals. CheckMate® (SaaS) collects, aggregate and analyze multiple marketing channels into a single business intelligence tool. Using CheckMate, businesses can optimize their pricing models and their Go-To-Market strategy.

FinTech Due Diligence Reporting SaaS

Leverage digital transformation in global intelligence Cyber Security team, Provide SaaS portal for risk managament, communicaiton and admin services via online ordering portal for banks and financial sector.

Enterprise (CONFIDENTIAL) Prodcut Specialist

Provide hands-on product whitepapers for a global social platform. orchestrating weekly decks, program web-pages, create event infographics, pages and media managament.