The global financial technology market is expected to grow in a compound annual rate of about 25.18% and reach a market value of $324 billion by 2026".

“By disruptive Software as a service (SaaS) technologies driving e-banking, online payments, and insurance”. The global in FinTech is funding hitting a record $91.5 billion this year (2022), and 42 FinTech unicorns.

The 10 Biggest Challenges Fintech Products

1. Data Security policy

2. Compliance with Government Regulations (GDPR)

3. Lack of Mobile and user psychology in UX

4. Big Data and AI design and implement

5. Blockchain framework integration

6. User Retention and Experience 

7. Marketing Tactics for Acquisition

8. Personalized Services

9. Growth mertix 

10. Product innovation and cost-efficiency