DevOps Engineering

DevOps is a software development strategy which bridges the gap between the developers and the IT staff. With DevOps, organizations can release small features very quickly and incorporate the feedback which they receive, very quickly. Following are some other benefits:

  • Fewer Software Failure
  • Shortened lead time between fixes
  • It overcomes all the limitations of the traditional waterfall model.
  • DevOps process involves a lot of development, testing, and deployment technologies for developing automated CI/ CD pipelines.

Some of our DevOps tools:

  • Git and GitHub – Source code management (Version Control System)
  • Jenkins – Automation server, with plugins built for developing CI/ CD pipelines
  • Docker – Software Containerization Platform
  • Kubernetes – Container Orchestration tool
  • Ansible – Configuration Management and Deployment
  • Nagios – Continuous Monitoring